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CCGrass produces more football fields than any other global artificial grass manufacturer and has the widest choice in available tested systems. In fact, our daily production equals 4 full-size artificial football turf fields.

CCGrass’s high performance artificial football turf products have been widely adopted by top football clubs, such as championship-winning Chelsea, Olympiacos CFP and are regularly used in international tournaments, such as the FIFA U-15 World Cup, FIFA U-17 World Cup, FIFA U-20 World Cup, 2015 Summer Universiade (Gwangju), 2017 Summer Universiade (Taipei), and the Homeless World Cup.

As a FIFA Preferred Provider, CCGrass has more than 180 artificial football turf systems tested to FIFA Quality and Quality Pro standards. CCGrass provides solutions for football fields played at every level and all ages. Different football grass is designed for full size fields, training areas and mini-football pitches.

Quality Where it Matters for Football Turf

As a FIFA Preferred Provider (FPP), CCGrass provides synthetic turf solutions for all levels of football.
This means that CCGrass’s artificial football turf systems excel in all FIFA tests, such as ball roll (4-8m), vertical ball rebound (0.6-0.85m), shock absorption (62%-68%) and skin friction (0.35-0.75).

Over 180 CCGrass artificial football turf systems have been tested and recognized to comply with FIFA standards. Over 300 CCGrass football turf pitches have been received FIFA Quality Pro and FIFA Quality certifications.

Flexible Approach to Suit Your Demand


CCGrass artificial football turf systems are designed to meet various football field requirements, including full size football pitches, training centres as well as  mini-football fields, which are used more intensively.

Our systems work with no pad (60mm or 55mm pile length), with a sand and resilient infill, such as SBR, TPE, EPDM, PRO-gran or cork, or shorter heights (50mm, 45mm or 40mm pile length) with an appropriate shock pad and infill.

Recommended Products

CCGrass, artificial grass fibre


CCGrass, artificial grass fibre,
VmaxTM combines monofilament and fibrillated yarns, offering excellent durability. After 150,000 cycles of Lisport, it shows no obvious cracking, splitting or fraying. It also shows better resilience and keeps upright for long time, thus providing a good sports performance.
CCGrass, artificial grass fibre

Energy C3NTM

  • Special 3-spine blade structure
  • Excellent resilience and wear resistance
CCGrass, artificial grass fibre,Ultrasport-color-shape
Energy C3NTM is designed in a shape with 3 spines which offers great resilience. This shape also helps reduce sunlight reflection, being friendly to playing under sunshine.
Enegry C3NTM has been installed at FIFA certified fields, suitable for high performance playing needs.
ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer product Ultrasport


  • 50,000 cycles
  • 16,000
ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer product Ultrasport-color-shape
UltrasportTM is the most durable artificial turf product with 16000 Dtex duotone monofilaments. The grass yarn successfully combines softness and durability. Simulations prove that Ultrasport™ remains complete after 50,000 cycles of the Lisport test.
ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer product Stemgrass


ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer product Stemgrass-color-shape3
With a “spine” running through the middle of each blade, Stemgrass is valued for its durability. After 50,000 cycles of Lisport test, it does not show any signs of diverging or splitting. The turf surface is resilient enough to allow natural ball behaviour, give uniform traction and reduce shock to the joints and ankles.

Prime SMTM

ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer product Prime SM-color-shape1
Prime SMTM is composed of monofilament fiber in a wave-like shape that possesses natural sliding properties. Its tricolor surface gives the artificial turf product a natural appearance.
CCGrass, football turf, Prime CM

Prime CMTM

  • Special C shape with central spine
  • FIFA Quality Pro playing performance
The Prime CM stands up well due to its C shape with central spine yarns and has excellent resilience. It’s soft to the touch and player friendly, offering great sporting experience.


CCGrass, artificial grass fibre color

SuperbTM yarn has an olive shape, with a thickness of 400um – one of the thickest artificial turf products in the market, yet it is extremely flexible and resilient, retaining its “spring back” characteristics over the long-term.

ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer product Nature-D3

Nature D3TM

ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer product Nature D3-color-shape
Nature D3TM is designed in an olive shape and is made of polyethylene monofilament fibers. It is smooth and soft, yet more durable than common fibers. The introduction of UV stabilizers helps the fibers maintain their colour longer. Nature D3™ has become the most popular football turf in our portfolio.
CCGrass, artificial grass product, PRT backing


  • 100% Recyclable: No Latex, No PU, No Coating
  • Super Water Permeability: 5 times quicker than regular artificial grass
  • Strong Tuftlock: better than FIFA standards
  • PRT® series is a 100% recyclable artificial grass which is dramatically characterized by 100% recyclable, super water permeability and strong tuftlock.

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