CCGrass artificial grass manufacturer synthetic turf factory

With the world’s attention on plastic waste and FIFA’s specific focus on the synthetic turf recycling at the end of its life, the installation of a new synthetic turf concept, by market leaders CCGrass, addresses future concerns.

In PRT carpet backing, CCGrass has engineered a product that is 100% recyclable and is made from thermoplastic material, which eliminates the need for traditional latex or PU secondary coating. This means it is much easier to recycle locally, back into a usable raw material.

Its advantages don’t stop there. The PRT backing drains up to 5 times faster, ensuring no water is held in the surface. The product is considerably lighter, making it easier to handle, more flexible to install and has a lower shipping cost. The special fibre anchoring system of PRT also improves the tuft lock in comparison with traditional backing methods.

For these reasons, the Institute of Physical Education in Thailand chose CCGrass and PRT for its new football pitch at Trang Sports School. The field will be used by 12 schools to develop young players as well as hosting league and friendly club matches.

Using CCGrass Prime SM monofilament fibre backed with PRT has met with the approval of the CCGrass local partner, Greenygrass Co., Ltd., who comments: “Our installation team is very positive on the lighter weight rolls, these have proven easy to join, and when we faced heavy rain in Trang, drainage was very quick, so work was able to resume quickly.”

The Trang Sports School pitch has been tested to FIFA Quality and is the first of its type in the world. CCGrass head of Research and Development, Dr Zhao comments: “We have spent considerable time and focus to arrive at PRT backing. Our aim was to produce a fully recyclable product that adds extra value for our customers and respects the environment.”