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To achieve maximum potential in any sport, players require a consistent, excellent quality and high performing turf surface. With decades of experience serving the professional sports industry, CCGrass has established itself as a solution focused sports field provider. The company has developed a range of artificial sports turf for major sports such as football, hockey, rugby, tennis, padel and multi-sport. CCGrass is committed to providing athletes with the best possible playing conditions to perform at their best, elevate their skills and help them achieve their goals.

Applications of CCGrass Artificial Sports Turf

CCGrass, football field, artificial grass for football
CCGrass, field hockey field, artificial grass for hockey
CCGrass, rugby field, artificial grass for rugby
CCGrass, tennis court, artificial grass for tennis
CCGrass, padel court, padel turf
CCGrass, multi-sport field, multi-purpose sports turf

Why Choose CCGrass Artificial Sports Turf?

CCGrass started artificial grass manufacturing since 2002 and now the company operates the world’s largest artificial turf factory. CCGrass is one of only 5 Preferred Producers in the world awarded by FIFA, FIH and World Rugby, and is the only 1 in Asia. Thousands of professional sports pitches were installed with our artificial sports turf throughout 5 continents, 140+ countries, with huge competitions being held on CCGrass fields.

CCGrass, FIFA Preferred Provider

FIFA Preferred Provider

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FIH Preferred Supplier

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World Rugby Preferred
Turf Producer


Meet the highest industry standards

Thanks to close cooperation with world-renowned labs and continuous investment in R&D, CCGrass artificial sports turf products meet the highest standards of leading sports organizations such as FIFA, World Rugby, FIH and ITF.


Offer the widest choice of artificial sports systems

Featuring “Preferred” status with the 3 big global field sports – football, hockey and rugby, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of tested systems, for all levels of each sport.


Extensive experience and expertise

CCGrass has helped deliver many perfect artificial grass pitches for sports clubs, community facilities, schools, universities, professional competitions and more. We have accumulated rich experience to guide you through every step of your pitch building process.


R&D and innovation capability

With the openness and strong manufacturing capacity, CCGrass is committed to providing clients with uniquely designed sports turf systems through continuous innovation.

Innovative Sports System Solutions


Green Game Series combines monofilament fibres with strong curly yarn in every tuft of grass.


Green Play Series combines shaped monofilament fibres with strong fibrillated yarns in one turf.


Green Dura Series can extend the life of the pitch and increase replacement time, making it more cost-effective.


Union series mimics nature by combining two or three different shaped and coloured artificial grass yarns.


Recyclable Series is 100% Green & Eco friendly, and is designed to eliminate end of life disposal issues.


Benefits of Artificial Sports Turf Fields

All-weather and clean

An advantage of the artificial sports turf field is its all-weather properties. Natural grass fields will turn to mud in the rain. In contrast, artificial turf pitches provide perfect surfaces for players, regardless of the weather.

Low maintenance

Artificial sports pitches are easier to maintain than natural grass. They do not require many maintenance tasks such as replanting, mowing, fertilizing, weed removal, pest control, etc., significantly saving maintenance costs and increasing playing hours.

Artificial Sports Turf

Durable and long-lasting surface

High-quality synthetic turf fields are able to withstand intensive use, offer more usage time, and maintain the performance and safety throughout its entire life cycle.

Cost effective

In addition to saving on maintenance costs, you can also rent out the use of your sports turf field for financial gain. Moreover, most artificial grass surfaces can host more than one sport; for example, football and rugby go very well together.

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