Best Synthetic Turf Factory

Largest Manufacturing Facilities
In-house Yarn and Turf Production
Full Quality Control
Widest Product Range
Professional Testing System

Advantages of Artificial Grass Wholesale

Advantages of Artificial Grass Wholesale

Competitive Bulk Pricing System
Streamlined Procurement for Project Efficiency
Time-saving Option for Large Installations
Uniformity in Quality and Appearance
Diverse Options for Customization Needs


Consistent R&D and Innovation

FIFA Preferred Provider
FIH Preferred Supplier
World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer
International Tennis Federation Approved
Safe, Durable and Realistic Landscape Turf


Premier Service

Pre-sale Consultancy
Free Field Design
Optimal Logistics Solutions
Marketing Support
After-sales Support
Extensive Warranties

CCGrass Synthetic Turf Factory
CCGrass Synthetic Turf Factoryproduction line
CCGrass synthetic turf factory
CCGrass Synthetic Turf Factory
CCGrass Synthetic Turf Factoryproduction line
CCGrass synthetic turf factory

Leading Synthetic Turf Factory

CCGrass, authoritative testing and certification
  • 140+Cover more than 140 Countries
  • >100,000,000 m2Annual Capacity

Owning the world’s largest synthetic turf factory, CCGrass stands as a leading industry source for artificial grass supply and wholesale artificial turf solutions. Committed to excellence, we specialize in delivering top-quality turf grass for athletic and landscape applications. With over 20 years of focused development, CCGrass products, such as football turf, hockey turf, rugby turf, tennis turf, and landscape grass have served clients from multiple regions with varying needs, including professional football clubs, government bodies, schools, and countless households around the world.

Our Quality

CCGrass has an ongoing commitment to the quality of synthetic turf. Based on more than 20 years of development and manufacturing experience, our synthetic turf products meet the highest standards of leading sports organizations, such as FIFA, FIH, World Rugby, GAA and ITF. Besides, CCGrass is one of the seven FIFA Preferred Providers in the world and the only one in Asia. We choose the very best raw materials with strong UV stability to make sure our artificial grass stays fresh & green over many years.

CCGrass’s synthetic turf contains no lead, no heavy metals or any other harmful chemicals according to the highest safety standards, such as DIN, REACH, RoHS. Our factory is also considered one of the best-managed synthetic turf factories in the industry. Our synthetic turf factory complies with ISO9001, ISO14001 and has passed various kinds of strict factory audits such as BSCI, WFSGI, ICS, etc.

Our Service

CCGrass believes in offering the highest quality of customer service. All staff goes through a rigorous and continuous training program to understand best how to serve our many customers. With in-house yarn and turf production, we can guarantee the best possible quality on our artificial grass products and offer reliable delivery times. Of utmost importance, our complete wholesale price systems are available at every moment to ensure you a promising business!

As a reliable artificial grass supplier, CCGrass has developed an all-around service system to fulfill the highest satisfaction of our customers, through consulting, field design, logistics and marketing.

ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer high quality sales tools experience marketing team


Our professional consulting services ensure that you are provided with the synthetic turf products best suited to your needs. The CCGrass experienced sales team is equipped with expert knowledge, on a wide range of synthetic turf products, to meet a variety of applications. Our in-house engineers provide technical advice on base systems, ensuring they meet the required standards.

synthetic turf

Field Design

In order to ensure our clients a straight forward project, we offer free professional field design and installation advice. Each artificial grass sports field or landscape area is tailor-made in our factory. We strive for accurate designs to facilitate easy transportation, installation and waste minimization for all new and resurfacing artificial turf projects.

CCGrass synthetic grass delivery


As a professional synthetic turf factory, our far-reaching logistics network ensures that our artificial grass products are delivered to our clients promptly and economically. We keep a close watch on shipping times and assist in updating customers with news on their orders.

ccgrass artificial grass manufacturer high quality sales tools experience marketing team


Our highly experienced marketing team provides high quality sales tools such as brochures, samples, technical specifications, as well as personal marketing support. Through proactive social media engagement, the CCGrass brand is becoming more and more recognizable, assisting clients in winning more projects. The CCGrass marketing team attends more than 15 exhibitions worldwide annually.


Our beliefs are to Create Together, Share Together and Win Together with our global partners. To enhance the health and well-being of society by enabling innovative uses of artificial grass in sports, leisure and play.

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    We believe in openness in our communications and
    throughout our work processes.

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    We believe in acting professionally and building relationships
    based on trust, justice and equity.

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    and treat each other, our customers and contacts with

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    Our discipline ensures quality in everything we do;
    encompassing care, efficiency and reliability.

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