Soccer, a sport beloved across the globe, inspires passion from professional arenas to local fields. Each player and coach has their own ideal playing surface: some prefer the natural beauty of expansive, verdant grass fields, while others favour the consistency and all-weather capability of modern artificial turf.

In this post, we’ll dive into the world of artificial grass for soccer fields, showcase CCGrass’s tailored solutions, highlight top soccer turf picks, and tackle installation, maintenance, and durability tips.

CCGrass, Score Big with CCGrass Elite Artificial Grass for Soccer Fields

Benefits of using artificial grass for a soccer field

Since artificial turf emerged as a viable and cost-effective alternative to natural grass, it has become a staple for the majority of schools, universities, sports centers, and clubs. Behind this trend lie several significant advantages offered by synthetic turf.

Extended playing hours: Artificial grass soccer fields enable extended playing hours unaffected by daylight or seasonal changes. They withstand heavy usage and diverse weather conditions, benefiting clubs and venues with high demand for field access or in regions prone to inclement weather.

Consistency and safety: With a consistently even playing surface, synthetic soccer fields foster fair gameplay and reduce injury risks. This allows players to focus on their performance, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable playing experience.

Clean and mud-free: While the thrill of playing in mud may appeal to some players, others prefer a cleaner experience on the field. Certainly, the absence of dirt is a significant advantage, not only for players who dislike muddy conditions but also for reducing the hassle of post-game washes.

Easy maintenance: Artificial turf needs minimal care compared to natural grass. Simple tasks like regular cleaning and grooming ensure consistent playability, saving time, money and resources for soccer pitch maintenance.

Supports multi-use: Synthetic turf can accommodate various sports and activities beyond soccer, such as football, field hockey, rugby, and recreational events, maximizing utilization of the playing field.

Artificial Turf Soccer Field Solutions at CCGrass

Our artificial soccer turf solutions feature:

FIFA-compliant artificial grass for soccer field

As a FIFA Preferred Producer, CCGrass soccer products meet all requirements of the FIFA Quality Programme.

This means that CCGrass’s artificial grass soccer systems excel in all FIFA tests, such as ball roll, vertical ball rebound, shock absorption and skin friction. Over 180 CCGrass artificial soccer turf systems have been tested and recognized to comply with FIFA standards.

Test Vertical ball rebound Ball roll Rotational resistance Shock absorption Deformation
FIFA Quality 0.6 to 1 meter 4 to 10 meter 27 to 48 Nm 57 to 68% 6 to 11 mm
FIFA Quality Pro 0.6 to 0.85 meter 4 to 8 meter 32 to 43 Nm 62 to 68% 6 to 10 mm


Versatile soccer field solutions

CCGrass, a leader in outdoor and indoor artificial turf soccer surfacing, provides solutions to meet various soccer field requirements, including full-size stadium fields, training centers, and indoor soccer facilities, as well as smaller 5, 7, or 9 side pitches.

Our high-performance artificial grass for soccer field is trusted by top clubs like Chelsea and Olympiacos FC for their training grounds.

CCGrass, artificial soccer field, Chelsea FC Training Ground

State-of-the-art soccer turf systems

Using natural grass fields as our benchmark, CCGrass has conducted comprehensive research on various aspects of turf performance, including playability, durability, and safety.

With our openness and robust manufacturing capacity, we consistently pioneer innovations to provide clients with uniquely designed soccer turf systems. In addition to mainstream 3G systems, we’ve also developed non-infill turf systems.

Recommended Soccer Turf Products

Superb Series

Enhanced by advanced C8 polymer and strong diamond shape, the Superb sets new standards for performance and longevity. With optimal durability, resilience, and softness, it delivers an unparalleled sports experience, catering to soccer, football, rugby, and beyond.

  • Diamond shape yarn, 400µm thickness
  • Lisport 550,000 cycles
  • Lisport XL 25,000 cycles – The most durable in the market
  • 12-15 years warranty
  • Super sports performance

Vmax Series

Vmax Series utilizes a dual-yarn composition that minimizes infill splash whilst ensuring the playing surface is consistent, durable, and of elite quality. The Vmax is known for its quality and performance as an asset to clubs and facilities.

  • Resilient V shape monofilament plus the long fibrillated yarn
  • Available in 3 different fibre colour combinations
  • Compliance with FIFA Quality and Quality Pro standards
  • Environmental friendly

Triplex Series

TriPlex is the premier surface for stadium and academy soccer. Each tuft includes three different fiber shapes that bring their own benefits; balancing durability with resilience and a soft touch, to create a unique product. Suitable for hockey as a second sport.

  • Combination with 3 Different Shape Yarns
  • Certified by FIFA and FIH
  • More consistent ball roll speed
  • More vibrant and attractive look

Max EX2 Series

Max EX2 Series makes the “One Turf” a reality, designed specifically for multi-sport use. Max fibers are soft to the touch and exceptionally resilient. When combined with thatch yarn, this turf replicates natural grass even more closely.

  • Combination of monofilament with “thatch”
  • Certified to FIFA, World Rugby and FIH
  • Outstanding standability
  • Very durable, resilient and attractive surface

PRT Series

The PRT Series stands out for its exceptional qualities, offering a 100% recyclable artificial grass solution. With a specially developed fabric backing, it’s both soft and eco-friendly. Plus, PRT boasts 5 times faster water permeability for swift gameplay even after heavy downpours.

  • 100% recyclable artificial grass
  • No latex, no PU, no coating
  • Super water permeability
  • Strong tuft lock

These systems can be used with recycled infill, increasing the environmental credentials of a facility.

FAQS about Artificial Grass for Soccer Fields

How to install artificial grass for soccer fields?

A great artificial grass carpet can look very cheap if not laid correctly. For a successful soccer turf installation, an experienced installation team is needed, with the right equipment and enough time to complete the work.

CCGrass provides professional installation support and collaborates with reliable installation partners worldwide to ensure the smooth progress of your project.

For guidance on installing artificial grass for a soccer field, watch our instructional video guide below:

How to maintain a synthetic grass soccer pitch?

Unlike natural turf, you don’t have to water synthetic turf, feed it chemicals, cut it, mark it out and restrict usage. An artificial soccer pitch can be used 24/7, 365 days a year. But, the more it is used the more important maintenance becomes. The cost of maintenance is a lot less than on natural turf, but just as important.

Here are some key rules:

  • Keep it clean: removing leaves, litter and other debris helps reduce contamination that may affect the pitch drainage.
  • Keep the infill regulated: this means ensuring the rubber crumb is kept constant from edge to edge, especially in high-use areas, such as goal lines.
  • Keep the fiber upright: helps ball-to-surface and foot-to-surface interaction.
  • Keep it safe: check the pitch for loose seams, dips or bumps.

How long does an artificial soccer field last? 

The longevity of an artificial soccer pitch depends on the quality of the grass surface, maintenance practices, and usage intensity. Typically, warranties for full-size fields range from 8 to 10 years, with some exceptional yarns extending the period to 12 years. However, for smaller areas like five-a-side football, or training grounds, the warranty length may be shorter.

How often is artificial soccer turf replaced?

When your artificial turf pitch starts showing the following signs, it may be time to consider replacement:

  • Your pitch fails to meet performance tests
  • Rental bookings start to decrease
  • Players start commenting negatively on the playing performance
  • The drainage not working as effectively
  • The fibers are wearing away
  • The seams begin to open up
  • Small tears in the carpet begin to show

Regularly inspect your pitch and promptly consider replacement if any of these signs appear to ensure proper performance and safety. If in doubt, ask for an independent inspection from a pitch consultant or test house.

CCGrass, 7 signs your pitch need replacing

Get More Information on Building the Best Artificial Grass Soccer Field

Unless you have the ability to maintain high-quality natural turf, artificial grass for the soccer fields is the best option, providing many more hours of use, on a FIFA-tested, proven and safe surface.

Ready to install a top-quality synthetic turf soccer field? Trust CCGrass. Our expert team can guide you to the ideal surface solution tailored to your project’s needs. Get in touch with us today at 86 25 6981 1666 or via email at [email protected] to discuss your soccer turf needs.