What’s the Special of CCGrass Artificial Turf, Vmax?

Vmax is a kind of artificial turf that designed to offer a great football experience, by combining 2 great yarns together, in one special synthetic turf. Through the resilient V shape monofilament, excellent ball roll is achieved, whilst the split, fibrillated yarn, hold the infill in place, to offer great performance characteristics.

Why Vmax works?

The combined yarns of the Vmax grass fiber are densely tufted and show exceptional wear, over 150,000 cycles on the Lisport tester, remaining upright for longer than other turf systems. This means long term durability and high sports performance for a Vmax pitch.

• Vmax meets FIFA Quality and Quality Pro on the correct shockpad.
• Vmax is backed by a 7-8 year warranty and is environmentally friendly.
• Vmax is available in 3 different fibre colour combinations.


Improved infill retention


Better wear resistance


Denser appearance


Better fibre resilience

  • Emerald+ & Lime+ Bi-color & emerald
  • Emerald+Green & emerald
  • Lime+ Green & emerald


25 Vmax artificial turf pitches tested to FIFA standards

CCGrass, football pitch, Bremore Park
CCGrass, football field, FIFA certified pitch
CCGrass, football pitch, FIFA Quality field
Pitch Country
  • Bremore ParkIreland
  • St. Kevin College*(1)Australia
  • St. Kevin College*(2)Australia
  • St. Kevin College*(3)Australia
  • Trinity college fieldAustralia
  • Murdoch University field *(1)Australia
  • Murdoch University field *(2)Australia
  • West Adelaide Hellas fieldAustralia
  • Mason Park fieldAustralia
  • Strathfield Park fieldAustralia
  • Tatterson park fieldAustralia
  • Moreton Bay Central Sports ComplexAustralia
  • Bremore ParkBeaumaris Secondary CollegeAustralia
Pitch Country
  • Bella Vista Public School fieldAustralia
  • Nicholls School Synthetic Surface * (1)Australia
  • Nicholls School Synthetic Surface * (2)Australia
  • Taylors Hill Sports Complex *(1)Australia
  • Taylors Hill Sports Complex *(2)Australia
  • Fawkner Soccer Pitch *(1)Australia
  • Fawkner Soccer Pitch *(2)Australia
  • Lionel Watts Synthetic Playing field *(1)Australia
  • Lionel Watts Synthetic Playing field *(2)Australia
  • Mosaic Recreation Reserve ProjectAustralia
  • Carrum Downs Recreation ReserveAustralia
  • Northbridge ovalAustralia