Why do we need to clean artificial grass?

Compared with natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t need to be watered, mowed, fertilized or fixed. However, it doesn’t mean that artificial lawns do not require any care. In order to maintain a good sense of use and experience, maintenance is essential. So, How to Clean Artificial Grass?

It is necessary to clean the lawn regularly, such as branches, leaves, pet waste and so on, which will remain on the lawn. If not handled in time, it will have adverse effects on the appearance and use of the lawn. Regular cleaning of synthetic grass can keep the lawn fresh and dry and extend its life circle.

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How often do we need to clean artificial grass?

The frequency of lawn cleaning depends on everyone’s situation. For example, if the area you live in often rains or is humid, you don’t need to spray it down regularly. If you have children or pets, you may need clean your lawns frequently.

Most family can clean their synthetic turf once a week. You can simply rinse your grass or scrub it so that you can basically remove dust and impurities without accumulating too much waste.

A thorough clean once a month will keep your grass clean, tidy, charming and comfortable.

• Remove dust and waste with a stiff brush. However, if you use stiff brush, please make sure it is not steel bristles because steel will harm your grass.

• Use brush or broom to groom fibers into their upright position.

These operations are to keep your grass upright and beautiful, which is the most suitable use status. If you have children or pets, you may need to operate these actions more frequently after using artificial grass. It is convenient to groom your lawn by using a broom or handled brush.

How to clean artificial grass?

Lawn is a part of life, many family activities will take place on the grass, which means that everything could be seen on it. For example, drinks, candy or chewing gum, etc.

How to clean solid objects on artificial turf?

For some dry solid objects, such as tablets, it’s easy to clean them up. You just need to wrap them up with tools and throw them away.

How to clean liquid objects on artificial turf?

The most direct way to deal with the liquid residue is a rapid reaction. When the liquid is still in the shape of liquid, it is the easiest to clean, you just need to wash it with water. For areas that are left after washing, if you want to remove bacteria, use a mixed solution of natural soap with warm water or vinegar and water will be a good choice.

How to clean sticky substanceson artificial grass?

Chewing gum, candy and other sticky substances are usually removed by hand; however, if a piece of gum is particularly difficult to remove, you can cool it first, which makes it easier to clean.

If it doesn’t work, you can use knives and similar tools. However, please make sure that the lawn and grass will not be damaged when cleaning. Do not use harsh chemicals or solvents to eliminate spills or sticky substances, this is not feasible.

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Stains and burns on artificial turf can be repaired. However, we can minimize the possibility of problems before they occur, because spills such as battery solutions will damage the color of turf, and fire sources such as cigarettes and fireworks will also cause damage to artificial grass. These accidents can be avoided by keeping the materials away from the lawn.

How to remove ice and snow from synthetic grass?

Generally speaking, the way to deal with snow and ice is to let them melt and evaporate on the lawn. The special design of artificial lawns is that they can also drain water like a natural lawn. However, there are some cases that you may need to clean the ice from your artificial turf.

  • If the snow is very light, it can be simply brushed or swept away.
  • If the snow is heavy, you choose to shovel the snow or use a snowblower, but it’s better to only remove the top layer of your snow while leaving about an inch of snow swept away by a broom or brush. This will help you avoid damaging your turf when clearing snow.

One thing to note is that although you can use salt to melt snow on lawns, it is not recommended. Because of the long-term use of salt, the residue of salt will accumulate, preventing the drainage of the bottom material of the artificial grass.

Other thoughts

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Someone also wants to know whether a vacuum can be used to clean the artificial grass, the answer is no. If you have more concerns about this part, this link could be a good choice: How to maintain artificial turf in garden?

Proper and correct cleaning methods can keep the lawn beautiful and natural, and prolong the service life of artificial grass. You can ask a professional cleaner to clean the lawn deeply, or you can clean the lawn regularly according to the above steps.

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