More and more people transfer nature grass to artificial turf in their garden. With artificial turf, you will no longer have to spend time watering, feeding or mowing your lawn. You just need to follow a few simple steps to maintain artificial turf in the good condition for many years.

Tools you need to maintain artificial turf

To routinely maintain artificial turf and care for it, you need to make sure you have a few essential tools.

First and foremost, you’ll need a hose — if the area in which you live receives rain frequently, this is less of a necessity, but still helpful for rinsing the grass at will.

An air blower (for large gardens) is also helpful, or a rake (for small areas), for eliminating fallen leaves before they become ground into the artificial turf.

A stiff broom or brush will help the grass to avoid becoming matted and keep it looking strong and fresh. Choose the right brush: Use a brush with bristles that are at least 5 inches long and made of synthetic material, such as nylon.

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Common stain cleaning solutions for maintain artificial turf

Clean the red wine or coffee or pets’ waste

First of all, CCGrass artificial grass is durable and stain-resistant. You just need to hose down the area with lots of water, the water will flow towards the drainage hole. After that, spray with a mild soapy solution. The last step is washing with some more water. Then your artificial turf flooring is as good and clean as new.

Clean the dry leaves or scraps of paper

If there is just a little bit of dry leaves or scraps of paper, you just need to pick them up by hand or rake the rubbish to one side before bagging them. For large areas, like gardens, we suggest buying an air blower and to blow the rubbish to one side before bagging them.

Clean the really sticky stuff

Tree sap and chewing gum can also end up stuck in artificial turf, but luckily they’re relatively easy to remove. Dry ice or aerosol refrigerants can be used to freeze the sap or gum off, and it can then be scraped off the grass.

Do with the “sleepy” blades which caused by the constant stepping

Constant stepping on the artificial turf will result in “sleepy” blades. In order to solve this problem, you just need to put out your stiff broom or brush and “wake” those blades up. Brush the grass in the opposite direction of the artificial fibres, moving from one end of your lawn to the other, sweeping in a long-distance forward motion.

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Can you vacuum artificial grass?

The short answer is no, you shouldn’t. Using a vacuum, particularly a powerful one used in your home, could suck up and damage the grass fibres, balding your new turf and worsening its appearance. In addition, most artificial grass types require infill. Infill is a separate layer of product that spreads under the surface, which sits between the blades of artificial grass to keep it springy and upright. Repeatedly hoovering the artificial grass will suck up the infill, meaning the grass will sag and begin to lose its natural, springy feel. This is an important part of your lawn, and will significantly impact its appearance. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend using a conventional household vacuum to remove debris and hair from your synthetic turf.

How often to clean the turf?

Contrary to popular belief, you won’t have to clean your artificial grass every day. Rainwater will wash away most surface dirt. However, we do recommend that you hose the lawn down once a week or once every other week to keep it looking its best. Regularly remove leaves and debris as well as for trim hedges and trees often to limit the amount of leaves falling onto the lawn.

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