If you long for an evergreen lawn, but you still hesitate to choose the synthetic grass or the natural grass. This article might interest you.

Here are 6 reasons for choosing synthetic grass instead of natural grass!

6 Reasons for choosing synthetic grass instead of natural grass

  1. Syntheticgrass is much cheaper in the long run.

Many people are thinking the synthetic grass is expense. However, an average 50 m2 synthetic grass garden pays itself off in only 3 years. After that, it doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance. So the synthetic grass is much cheaper than the natural grass in the long run.

  1. Save water

Synthetic grass doesn’t need watering. So it will save a lot of water during the years, which is more environmentally friendly.

  1. Minimal maintenance

The synthetic grass requires no mowing, edging or weeding. You just need to clear away leaves and give them a quick brush occasionally. No matter it rains or snows, it is hot or cold, the artificial grass will always stay green. You will have more time to enjoy your garden.

  1. Perfect for children

Synthetic grass feels very soft, and it has a shock-absorbent effect, so it is more suitable for children to play on it and especially to learn walking.

  1. Pet friendly

Synthetic grass is using the polyethylene fibers, so the artificial grass has a soft touch and a natural look. Synthetic grass won’t grow, so it has the comfort feeling all the time. Besides, the pets waste on artificial lawns is easy to pick up and clear away. Therefore, the pets can enjoy themselves on artificial lawns.

  1. Long lifespan

If your synthetic grass is a good-quality product, and you can provide the proper maintenance, synthetic turf can last for 15 to 20 years!

If you still have any doubts about those benefits or have any question about synthetic grass, please feel free to email [email protected].