5 Reasons to install synthetic grass on football fieldsFootball is becoming more and more popular around the world. However the grass lawn on football field is facing many problems, such as the large amount requirement of water, the durability of the natural grass lawn and many other maintenance problems. In order to solve all the problems, the synthetic grass has been produced, and also the synthetic grass has been successfully satisfying the football fields’ demand for the last decade replacing its natural counterpart.

5 Reasons to install synthetic grass on football fields

1. All year-round usage
Heavy snow and rain will turn natural grass into slippery mud quickly. In comparison, synthetic grass is perfect to play on rain or shine days.
2. High durability
Different from natural grass, the artificial one does not need recovery time between games. Use it as much as you need without worrying that it will quickly tarnish.
3. Less maintenance
No watering, no mowing, no trimming and no fertilizing. Therefore, there is no need to exposure toxic chemicals or pesticides for the players.
4. Eco-friendly
The fake grass is not need to watering. So the price of a synthetic grass football field is nothing comparing to how much you will be able to save on water usage and the difference to the environment it will make.
5. Low-cost
Since the low-maintenance, the synthetic grass lawns for a football field is much cheaper than a natural grass lawn in the long run. And also CCGrass is a FIFA Preferred Producer who gives a 15-years warranty.

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