6 Tips for synthetic grass maintenance during winterNowdays, there are more and more homeowners choose synthetic grass for their lawn. The main reason is that synthetic grass lawn just needs a minimum amount of care. There are no herbicides or pesticides involved, no mowing and no sprinklers needed. In order to enjoy the look and feel of a green, lush lawn all the year round, you just need some simple tips during the winter time as below:

1.Checking the nails before the winter comes.
Your synthetic grass lawn needs some material to secure it, such as nails or pins. The natural changing of the seasons may have a slight impact on those materials. So before the winter comes, check and ensure your lawn is firmly secured. If it is need, you could add some nails or pins.

2.Clear Debris when it is necessary.
When it turns from fall to winter, there will be leaves changing and dropping from trees. During that time, you need to give your lawn a quick brush every few days or weeks to keep your lawn free of debris.

3.Allow the light dusting of snow melt naturally.
Synthetic grass is not affected by snow or freezing rain. So if it receives a light dusting of snow, just allow it to melt naturally. Or you can pour warm water on the snow, then the snow will melt faster. If temperatures are below freezing, you can put several old cleaning towels or rags in the dryer and heat them up, then place them on the snow.

We don’t suggest using salt. Though salt won’t disturb fibers and can help the snow melt quicker, but salt residue can build up in the sub-base and interfere with the draining effect of your lawn.

4.Using a plastic shovel carefully to deal with large amount of snow.
If your lawn receives a large amount of snow, it’s hard to melt naturally, you could shovel snow carefully. Please notice that using a plastic shovel but not a metal shovel. Since the metal shovel may damage the fibers more easily. When the snow is four inches from the grass itself, you could wait for the snow melt naturally.

5.Be Carefully in the cold days
If the weather drops below freezing, the fibers will become brittle or slippery with frost. Therefore, you need to walk on your lawn with caution.

6.Enjoy your sunny day in the winter
Synthetic grass lawn has its own drainage systems which can work even in the extreme conditions. The melting of snow and ice won’t disrupt the color or appearance of the synthetic grass. Just enjoy your green lawn with your family even in the winter.