Flame retardant artificial grass carpet landscape leisure field

The reason why artificial grass carpets can be fireproof is because of the addition of flame retardants.

Flame retardant is a chemical additive that can improve the burning energy of materials.

When exposed to open flames, the flame retardant can effectively prevent the spread of the flame or reduce the speed of its spread, thus ensuring the safety of life and property in daily life.

The flame retardant effect of the artificial grass is that the grass can be extinguished by itself after burning in the fire, and there is no mutual ignition to cause large-area combustion.

Good flame retardants can play a fireproof role, but flame retardant performance is not a necessary standard for the detection of artificial grass, so not all turf products will add flame retardant.

As a functional artificial grass, the flame-retardant artificial grass is a good choice for public places.

In densely populated public places such as hotels, kindergartens, and shopping malls, unexpected accidents are difficult to control.

Therefore, in order to avoid possible fire hazards, it is necessary to choose the flame retardant artificial grass.