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Landscape artificial grass is widely used in various colors and is a good floor covering and decoration material.

When designing the floor covering decoration, you don’t need to only use the green color, but can combine different colors in a harmonious way to give full play to the advantages of the artificial grass

For landscape artificial grass turf for wall decoration, it is not necessary to use a lawn with the same material as the ground. On one hand it can save money, and it can also create a visual level contrast. It is not recommended to use artificial grass with a hay shape for wall decoration to avoid disturbing the visual perception.

Natural turf needs to be regularly trimmed; artificial grass lawn needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain a visual aesthetic and to ensure the comfort of use. However, the cleaning of artificial grass is not as complicated as the natural grass. It only needs to be washed, and the turf itself is impervious to water.

The laying of landscape artificial grass is relatively simple. Be sure to clean before laying to ensure the safety of daily use. After the cleaning is completed, you can brush the glue on both the ground and the lawn to fix it.

If it is laid on the wall, in the process of laying, apply some more glue on the lawn to avoid falling off when there is external force. The turf can be cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner or water.

The emergence of landscape artificial grass makes up for the application defects of the natural turf. The use of artificial grass has become more flexible, especially in interior decoration, providing more design ideas.