Characteristics of artificial grass for gate ball field

Gate ball is an emerging sport in recent years. Its rules are easy to understand, tactical and versatile, and are very popular. The base of the artificial grass gate ball stadium is made of high-strength concrete, and the surface is made of special high-density artificial grass. It is a new type of fashionable sports surface material with a service life of 8-15 years. The artificial grass for professional gate ball stadium generally adopts the monofilament without infill, the stitches are denser, the surface of the grass is rougher, and the friction is increased to avoid the slippery.

The artificial grass for gate ball stadium has the following characteristics:

1. The artificial grass of the gate court has good elasticity and sufficient cushioning force;

2. The artificial grass is breathable and permeable, which greatly reduces maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water saving requirements;

3. Artificial grass meets environmental protection requirements and can be recycled and reused;

4.Artificial grass can play the role of reducing noise, shock absorption, decompression;

5. Artificial grass materials have low requirements on foundations, so they can be laid directly on concrete floors, asphalt floors, and even hard sands;

6.artificial grass is economical and practical, the construction period is short, the service life is long, and there is almost no follow-up cost.