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The types of door mats vary depending on the purpose, function, appearance, and material. Among the many types, artificial grass mats stand out, which is safe and durable, and is the leader in the doormat family.

The artificial grass mats can be used indoors and outdoors to remove dust and slip, and to decorate to beautify the surrounding environment.

The advantages of artificial turf mats are durable, long use time, environmentally safe, non-slip anti-wear performance, anti-skid, anti-static, and good friction. Laying carpet at the door is mainly to prevent the dirt from entering the room.

Because of the different consumer groups, consumers have different needs for door mats. Some people only pay attention to the decorative effect, and will not consider too much on use time. Some not only pay attention to beauty, but also to price, then artificial grass mats are a good choice.

The artificial grass mat has a high density, which is better than ordinary door mats. Qualified artificial turf mats have undergone strict quality inspection including fireproof, flame retardant, formaldehyde-free, lead and other harmful substances. And moreover artificial turf mats are anti-UV, anti-static, and anti-slip. Its performance qualification index is up to standard.