ccgrass artificial factory Antistatic Grass Series, More Safety, More Comfort

Do you realize that artificial grass can generate static electricity?

Static electricity is a nuisance for players:

• Infill buildup on clothing and socks

• Sudden but small static shock when touching

• Bothering static sound when kicking the ball

For a player, from the first step on the playground, they have prepared for an enjoyable sporting experience. However, sometimes, the devoting moment will be bothered by static electricity on the artificial grass surface especially in dry days. CCGrass ASE technology for artificial grass endows the products with the feature to minimize the occurrence of static electricity, and makes sure more delighted sporting environment for artificial turf fields.

CCGrass artificial grass football FIFA field Second Hsinchu County Sports Ground, Chinese Taipei
ccgrass high performance hockey artificial grass field Kankaan Kentta, Finland
ccgrass high performance hockey artificial grass field Peri (Sahara) Kentta, Finland