CCGrass artificial lawn

Each product has its own service life, artificial lawn aging is inevitable. The service life of qualified artificial lawn is generally 6-10 years, and the specific utilization intensity will affect the service life. The life and age of poor-quality artificial turf are a bit unpredictable, perhaps within six months.


● First, grass fibers appear to be hairy, pilling and powdery

This problem is mainly reflected in the use of artificial turf in football fields, especially in some school playgrounds. High-intensity competition and long-term use have greatly shortened the service life of artificial grass. If the yarn used is of good quality and relatively good wear resistance, there will be less fluff and pilling.

● Another obvious aging feature is the loss of grass fibers from the undercloth

The loss of grass fiber in artificial turf is related to the production process, the base cloth and the quality of glue. These quality problems directly affect the service life of artificial lawn and accelerate the aging.

● Third, grass fibers fade. There are many reasons for the fading of lawn fiber

One is the quality of grass fiber is not qualified. Second, environmental factors, such as some areas of strong ultraviolet radiation, acid rain corrosion, industrial pollution. The third problem is the quality of the fillings, which can contaminate the lawn and cause the grass fibers to fade and fade.

● Fourth, the foundation of the artificial lawn decays

Matrix aging is the most basic characteristic of artificial grassland aging. Generally speaking, the base cloth at the bottom is used PP. The football field is sharp in the outdoor, long time use will cause the base cloth cracking, plus some field foundation cloth overall drainage is not suitable, long time immersion in water, will cause the base cloth corruption.

● Fifth, the patchwork gap of the artificial lawn becomes larger

We all know that the connection between the two pieces of grass is by splicing, glue on the special artificial grass, and the artificial grass is PE raw material, coupled with long-term trampling and use, the gap between the connection is getting bigger and bigger. This is also a reflection of the aging of artificial grass.


No matter which artificail grass is chosen, the aging of artificial grass is related to many factors.