How to renovate artificial grass fields

You need to know these points before renovating artificial grass fields

Mending artificial turf is not as easy as making a new artificial turf field. What problems and precautions will be encountered in the process of renovating an old artificial turf field?

● The old artificial lawn should be removed and replaced with a new one.

● In the process of removing artificial lawn,Dno’t destroy the original artificial lawn foundation.

● Waste materials dismantled are all several tons, so we should take full consideration in the quotation process.

An artificial lawn foundation is usually made of cement, asphalt, or other lime soil. The installation shall be made of ground, joint tape and non-woven fabric bonded by an adhesive.

You might think that if the site’s artificial lawns were nearly bare, there would be less garbage to remove.Actrually, because the amount of particles and quartz sand filled in the construction of the new artificial lawn site is basically unchanged. A standard football field, for example, is filled with about 200 tons of quartz sand. So it’s a huge clean-up work, and we have to think about it in our budget.

● The old, quartz sand, rubber particles, these have been discarded materials can not be used, after many years of use, these old these materials have long lost its inherent performance, mixed with a lot of dust and other garbage, has no safety.

● Before the new artificial lawn in the shop, must first clean up the site, the best to rinse with water, clean up the topsoil dust on the ground, and then further start the shop artificial lawn.