Three impacts that pile height have on artificial grassWhen choosing the best artificial grass, you need to consider far more than just appearance. There are many different techniques and technologies when creating high-quality artificial grass. They can translate into characteristics and features to be taken into account when choosing the best artificial turf. Such as the Decitex, backing, fiber thickness,  fiber material, fiber shape and pile density and so on. And today, we are going to talk about the importance of pile height when it comes to buying the best artificial grass.
The pile height is measured in millimeters. It is the length of the fiber from the backing to the tip of the grass. Pile heights can range from 10mm up to around 80mm. Pile height between 25mm to 45mm are common, and the pile less than 25mm or longer than 45mm tend to be used for sports applications.

The pile height has an impact on both aesthetics and performance. It has impact on three points.


The fiber of real grass is in a vertical position, so the synthetic grass suppliers want to replicate when manufacturing fake grass. If the synthetic fibers on the synthetic lawn are not in an upright position, they will look fake.
So the longer the pile, the less resilience they will have. When it comes to synthetic fibers, the longer the pile, the less resilience they will have. Shorter pile heights which around 25mm to 35mm, are more resilient than longer pile heights of over 35mm.


As we know, the longer the fibers, the more flexibility they have. The fibers bend more easily and offer less resistance to the passage of hands, then it will translate into better touch. So the higher the piles, the better touch they have. The shorter the piles, the worse touch they have. You can feel the difference between various pile heights by touching the artificial grass samples.


Certainly, choosing the best pile height is depends on your personal taste. Some of us prefer the look of freshly cut grass, then the shorter piles will be appeal to this kind of customers. Also others maybe prefer a slightly longer pile, since they will look more natural. Then the longer piles will suite your tastes.

When we talk about the aesthetics, there is no right or wrong. So just choose what your think looks best.