How to choose artificial grass lawn for your office

The popularity of artificial grass has increased in the past decades, not only in outdoor areas but also extend to indoor areas. One type of indoor applications is using in an office environment.

The benefits to install artificial turf in an office:

  1. It makes a great first impression on visitors.
  2. It can help to create a more relaxing and productive work environment to employmees.
  3. It will be much safer. Since it creates a non-slip surface as opposed to polished concrete or wood surfaces. And also the most important, the artificial grass is fire-resistant, which can increaseits safety.

 The aspects you need to consider about when you choosing the artificial lawn for your office:

  1. The artificial grass pile height

For office applications, we suggest you choose a short pile artificial grass. Since the fibers have to fight against their own weight to remain vertical, therefore the long pile height does not tend to wear quite as well as shorter piles grass. So the pile height between 20mm to 30mm is better for office applications.


  1. The fake grass pile density

For office applications, the denser the artificial grass pile density, the better. The dense pile is going to prevent the backing material from being visible through the pile. Certainly, for ornamental areas where receive little or even no foot traffic, you can choose a thinner pile. When it comes to choosing the pile density of artificial grass for your office, we recommend you choose a turf with a minimum of 16,000 stitches per square meter.


  1. The synthetic grass resilience

Office synthetic grass lawn will suffer frequent and heavy foot traffic, as well as pressure from furniture, and the continuous movement of office chairs. Therefore, you need to choose synthetic grass lawn which is up to the heavy use.


  1. The GrassCool Series

In the height of summer, the sun’s rays will heat up the plastic fibers, so the artificial grass lawn will be very hot to touch. CCGrass GrassCool series adopts advanced technology and provides an effective solution to this issue. CCGrass GrassCool series ensure the artificial grass remains up to 10 degrees cooler than regular surfaces. It has long-lasting heat resistance, which is better than watering. Therefore, the GrassCool series will offer a good experience for your employees even in the height of summer.


  1. The Flame Retardant series

According to the statistics, CCGrass is now serving 600 households every day. As the indoor use of artificial grass becomes more popular, fire retardation becomes more and more important. The Flame Retardant Series is designed to eliminate fire hazards. If you install this kind of synthetic grass lawn in your office, it will bring more safety to your employees.


  1. The quality of the backing material

The quality of the backing material is a key part of the artificial grass manufacturing process. If the backing is bad in quality, then the synthetic grass will suffer from excessive yarn loss or it may break apart completely. PRT ® serice is a 100% recyclable artificial grass launched by CCGrass. It is not only can hold entire thing together, but also it is environmental friendly with No Latex, No PU, No Coating.