Artificial grass should be safe, durable and comfortable. It should meet the standards of the associations such as FIFA, FIH, ITF and World Rugby. An excellent artificial turf manufacturer should have a quality control system for the whole production process to ensure the excellence of every detail.

Quality tests run through the whole production process with professional QC personnels at every stage.

1. Raw material test in lab & yarn test in lab,

Synthetic grass is usually made from PE or PP. Tests on raw materials include addttives, polyolefin masterbatch and polyolefin resin. Turf producers ensure the safety and environmental protection of raw materials from the source. Also it provides extra health guarantee for grass product that it should ensure no lead, no heavy metals, and no substances of very high concern.

2. Quality control on production lines

quality control on production line is to ensure the artificial turf in extrusion lines, twisting lines and tufting lines is tested thoroughly and carried out under supervision.

3. All round inspection of finished products test prior to delivery

Basic checks include checking on grass height, density, Dtex, tuft withdrawal force, etc. Performance tests include ball roll, ball rebound, permeability, Lisport test and UV test. Environmental test includes heavy metal test. Safety detection includes flame retardant rate, shock absorption.

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