How to paint the white line on the artificial football field

Artificial grass is becoming more and more common. Many sports fields are basically paved with artificial grass, which can be used for many kinds of sports, such as football, golf, hockey, tennis, baseball and so on.

The multipurpose pitch was also developed, with a standard 11-a-side soccer field divided into two 7-a-side fields and four 5-a-side fields. In this way, functional lines are needed to distinguish the region, and the general functional lines are mainly yellow and white.

So how to install the function line on artificial lawn? There are several common functional line methods.

 1.Direct ordering.

Customers need to communicate with artificial turf production factory according to precise measurement and design. Direct ordering of functional lines can improve the firmness, reduce unnecessary cutting waste, and control the cost as well.
But directly ordering to production and paving technical requirements are very high, in the measurement of laying out line to achieve 100% accuracy, the construction of paving process can not appear any deviation, otherwise it will cause functional line error.


Cutting also needs to be measured and laid out before the artificial lawn is laid, so that when the pavement is installed on the artificial lawn, it can be cut out by measuring the good position, and then pasted according to the width of the functional line. This clipping method avoids the asymmetry of function lines. But this will cause the artificial lawn cutting process of waste and increase the construction project time, also increased a certain amount of labor costs.

 3.Use marking paint.

For multifunctional site, in fact, the use of line paint to draw functional lines is the most appropriate. Why do you say that? On the one hand, the marking paint can avoid waste, on the other hand, it can be straighter than manual marking.