Artificial lawn is becoming more and more popular especially in areas where water is in short and natural grass is difficult to grow. Are you looking forward to changing your garden into a nicer, lower maintenance green space?

When you plan to install artificial grass, attention to detail is very important. In this article, we’ll remind you of some mistakes you should strive to avoid when buying, installing, and using artificial turf.

Mistakes to Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn

When buying an artificial lawn, to avoid

Not buying the right type of grass

There are many different types of artificial grass to choose from. Some are more durable, some are perfect for pets, and some are even recyclable. You should consider the look and feel of your desired yard, and you can ask the seller to provide some of their cases for reference.

You also need to think about what you want to do on the lawn. If you and your family do a lot of exercises, you’ll need a lawn that can withstand running and jumping. If you enjoy entertaining and lounging on the lawn, you may prefer one that is comfortable underfoot.

Buying solely based on price

Buying artificial grass based on price alone is not a wise decision. The market is flooded with cheap and expensive artificial turf, and the variety of spec options can be bewildering.

Therefore, in addition to choosing the right type mentioned above, you also need to find a reliable supplier. Talk to us about what you’re buying grass for, what you want it to look like, and your budget, and we’ll help you decide.

Choosing inferior artificial turf

Inferior artificial turf often means lower prices, but it’s often dull in color, overly plastic, poor standing, not fluffy enough, and even worse, there are potential safety hazards. The appearance of high-quality artificial turf is exactly the same as real grass, with richer color levels and a more realistic and delicate hand feel.

All CCGrass turf products are 100% safe, tested by REACH, RoHS, EN71-3 and other authorities, and do not contain toxic and harmful substances such as chemicals, heavy metals, etc., to protect the safety of families, especially children.

Buying in different batches

Some people like to pave an area first to try it out, however, it may be difficult to match the original when paving the entire yard later. Even if it is the same product series, but from different batches, there may be slight differences. For best results, take precise measurements and buy all artificial grass at once.

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When installing artificial lawn, avoid

Not allowing the grass to stretch

When your newly purchased artificial grass rolls arrive, don’t immediately start installing. Lay the turf flat in the sun for a few hours to allow it to stretch – this will remove creases and the fibres will be in better condition.

Bumpy surfaces

Rough surfaces can spoil the appearance of your lawn, and natural puddles may form on rainy days, causing drainage problems. A flat lawn will also be safer for kids and the elderly.

Not getting proper drainage

You probably already know that artificial turf generally has better drainage than natural turf. This is a terrific benefit, but to achieve it, you first need to choose quality artificial grass that provides excellent drainage. You also need to install it the right way.

If your garden has drainage problems prior to installing artificial grass, you need to talk to the installation team so they can prepare your garden for optimal drainage.

Most geologic causes of poor garden drainage can be addressed by surface flattening and replacing the existing soil with a more suitable crushed granite or stone sub-base.

Inadequate compaction of subbase

Use a vibrating plate compactor (rental available) to compact the base. To make sure the area is thoroughly compacted, move it back and forth across the lawn. Inadequate compaction will result in an uneven lawn surface.

No weed prevention

The way to prevent weed growth is as simple as covering the base with a reliable weed barrier membrane during installation, which will save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary costs in the future.

Pile going in the wrong direction

When joining two rolls of artificial grass, it is very important to ensure that the piles on each roll are facing the same direction. Crossing yarn directions will result in poor appearance. Having the yarn direction running toward the house will give the best look from the windows of the house.

Not securing the edge of the lawn

Secure the edges of your new lawn firmly so that it does not fray or curl. This can be done easily by using U-shape nails to pin the edges. Raised edges enable lawn debris such as pebbles, leaves, etc. to get under the lawn, which might be dangerous as people could trip over loose edges and get injured.

Using too much or not enough adhesive

It is important to use the right amount of glue for joints. Using too much glue can cause the adhesive to seep into the fibers, and sand and dirt can stick to it if not removed in time. Underused glue will obviously not produce a strong enough bond.

No turf brushing

If the sand infill is applied to your lawn, be sure to use an electric brush or a stiff bristle to sweep the sand along the direction of the pile, so that the sand infill falls to the bottom of the pile, encouraging the fibers to stand upright and allowing the grass to look more realistic.

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When maintaining artificial lawn, to avoid

Neglecting routine maintenance

In contrast to natural grass, artificial lawns require no watering, mowing or fertilizing. But in order to maintain a good sense of use and experience, daily maintenance is also essential. Small daily tasks such as brushing the grass, removing leafs and pet droppings from the surface will help extend the lawn’s service life.

To learn more about maintenance, please read our guide: How to Clean Artificial Grass?

Parking on the grass

You should not park your vehicle on artificial turf for extended periods of time. Just like natural grass, too much weight will flatten and damage your lawn, and the grass fibers won’t be able to stand up again, permanently affecting the aesthetics.

Smoking or BBQ on your lawn

Artificial grass yarns are usually made from polyethene and polypropylene, which melt when exposed to high temperatures or open flames.

To avoid damaging your turf, keep the fire pit and barbecue grill away from the turf. Stray embers from either can burn into your turf. For the same reason, you should also avoid smoking and setting off fireworks near your lawn.

Placing sharp objects on the lawn

Sharp objects will tear up your artificial grass. Keep sharp garden tools that may be in the garden as far away from your synthetic lawn as possible.

Another culprit could be your sharp furniture feet, especially when trying to move them around. You can place garden furniture with pointy feet elsewhere or cover these feet with fabric or silicone.

Exposure to chemicals

Chemicals such as pesticides can react with your synthetic turf and your turf may get burned or discolored spots as a result of the reaction. You also keep gasoline and vehicle fluids away from your lawn.

Not enjoying it

Once your artificial turf is installed, start enjoying it! Whether you want to spend some good family time on it, have a picnic on it, or just enjoy the greenery, these can add great joy to your life.

Some people worry that they will ruin their garden, but that’s okay, artificial turf is stronger than natural grass and can be enjoyed for 8-10 years with proper maintenance, don’t let it go to waste.

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Looking to get your garden a new lawn in 2022? We offer a variety of different styles of highly realistic, kid- and pet-friendly artificial turf surfaces to help you create your dream garden space. If you can keep these helpful points in mind, you’ll have a beautiful new lawn and enjoy it for years to come.