remove ice on artificial grass

In fact, a large part of the artificial turf sports ground is used outdoors, so when the cold winter comes, the artificial turf will freeze in the morning and at night due to low temperature. Although the freezing does not greatly affect on the artificial turf, the field cannot be used after freezing. But the ice on the artificial turf needs to be removed in order for the football field to be used at any time.

To avoid damaging turf while clearing the ice, heavy rollers are often used to crush the ice. Once crushed, it can be cleared directly from the field. On a clear day, when the ice is not too thick, it melts quickly and with little effect.

If the ice is thick, chemicals are needed to help melt it.  A more common method is to sprinkle urea to help the ice melt. But no matter what chemicals are used on artificial grass, some residue will be left, so wash the field if the weather permits. The melted ice must be cleaned with a washing machine, a squeegee, a sweeper, or other suitable equipment. In addition, heavy equipment should not be left on the field for long time, as this can damage the artificial grass.

After the above treatment, the artificial grass will be completely frozen. What is more important is that the artificial grass has not been hurt and is still in good condition, providing a better foundation for the development of various sports.