Artificial grass is becoming more and more common, and many sports fields are basically paved with artificial grass. Many kinds of sports can be played on artificial grass, football, golf, hockey, tennis, baseball and so on. As a result, the multi-purpose football field is also derived. A standard 11-player football field can be divided into two 7-player fields and four 5-player fields. This requires function lines, which are usually yellow and white, to distinguish the areas. So how to install the function line on artificial grass? Drawing lines takes some skill, and planning well can save you a lot of money.

1. Customized

The customer needs to communicate with the artificial grass manufacturer before purchasing. The producer needs to accurately measure and design the site and accurately mark the width of the site’s functional lines. Based on the data, the manufacturer can easily set up the program with a computer to produce grass with white or yellow logo lines. Custom function line can improve the firmness, reduce unnecessary cutting waste and the cost.

2. Tailoring

Cutting is a common method in the process of laying artificial grass, which needs to be measured before laying artificial grass. In this way, when paving artificial grass, workers can measure in accordance with the good position for cutting, and then paste white function line. This method can avoid the asymmetry of function line. But this will cause material waste and increase the construction project time and labor costs.

3. Use line paint

To multifunctional field, use line paint to delimit function line actually is the most appropriate however. Why do you say that? On the one hand, paint can avoid cutting waste, on the other hand, it can be straighter than manual scribing. There are two kinds of paint on the market at present, one is short-effect paint, the other is long-effect paint. As the name implies, the short one is used for temporary games, because many venues are temporarily changed to other games. The short-effect paint has no pungent smell, no junction on the surface, no caking, and it has good resistance to water and abrasion. The long-term effect of paint line is maintained for up to 24 months.