How to maintain artificial lawn in summer

Compared with natural lawn, artificial grass is easy to maintain. In addition to regular maintenance, artificial grass also needs special maintenance according to seasonal characteristics, such as winter maintenance is to remove snow and ice. So how to maintain artificial grass in the hot summer?

      1.Cool down

It’s hot in the summer, and surface temperatures in many cities tend to soar to 40 ° c, so the surface temperature is high.

In order to reduce the discomfort of athletes in high temperature sports, reducing the surface temperature of artificial turf is important in summer maintenance.

Sprinkling water on the field can effectively lower the temperature. This method is commonly used, including before professional league games.

Spray cooling should be used clean water, spray water evenly. Water can be sprayed repeatedly according to the specific situation, due to the rapid evaporation of water.

      2.Drain the water

There is a lot of rain in summer, and the heavy rain will affect the drainage system of artificial lawn.

Generally, the moderate rainfall has no obvious effect on the artificial turf field, because the field has drainage system, the lawn back also has drainage holes, and the water in the field can be discharged in half an hour.

However, there are often heavy rains in summer, and excessive rainfall will reduce the drainage efficiency of the field, which will flood the grass and cause damage to it.

Therefore, we should use wiper boards and other tools to carry out manual drainage after the storm.

      3.Prohibited matters

Do not put inflammable and low-flame items on the lawn. Although artificial lawns are flame retardant, burning can still cause damage to the grass.

Do not spill sugary beverages (such as carbonated cola) on the lawn. The high temperature of the sugar in the drink will make the grass stick together, which will cause the surface of the lawn to be uneven and the grass to be messy.