3 reasons artificial lawn are more popular than natural grass

As a result of the influence of natural environment , natural lawn has many disadvantages . In some professional football games , the grass is often the pothole due to the influence of weather and maintenance techniques , which increases the uncertainty of the safety of the players . As a result , artificial grass has been gradually developed , and more and more fields have applied artificial grass.


1. Climate

Artificial lawns are unaffected by natural weather and climate. Artificial grass is not affected by geographical location, whether in hot areas, dry areas or cold areas can be used normally. In areas with poor natural conditions, natural grass is drying out in large areas, so some professional clubs in cold regions of eastern Europe now use artificial grass as their home ground.


2. Cost

Synthetic turf costs less than natural grass; Natural lawns require a lot of money, from the early site, planting, water diversion, maintenance to the late pruning and maintenance. Some professional football fields, the annual maintenance costs as much as ten million. Artificial lawn greatly saves these costs, it only needs a simple installation in the early stage, and do a good job of the sports ground drainage system, an one-time completion, not only can save a huge amount of maintenance costs, but also can achieve and sky lawn than the sports performance.


3. Stability

As we all know, the natural grass must withstand the constant trampling and friction of the athletes in the competition. For example, after a 90-minute game, 22 players run on the grass, which is naturally damaged to different degrees. If the weather is bad, such as rainy days, the wet grass is easy to cause athletes to slip their feet, increasing the chance of injury. But artificial grass will not appear such a situation, 100% polypropylene fiber material made, has good wore resistance, greatly improve the friction between the athletes and the field, thus reducing the probability of injury.