How to maintain an artificial grass area

In order to better protect the artificial grass and extend the service life, it is suggested that users should pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Smoking is prohibited, and fireworks are not allowed.
  2. No food (except pure water) is allowed to enter the site.
  3. Do not directly touch the lawn with oil, corrosive and other chemicals.
  4. No spiked sports shoes of 9mm or more are allowed.
  5. Heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles are prohibited from entering the site.
  6. It is forbidden to keep heavy objects on the lawn for a long time.
  7. It is forbidden to puncture, strike or cut the lawn with sharp tools or hard objects.
  8. Do not deliberately flip the bottom and pull the grass thread, suture joint, etc.
  9. When there is less rain, please wash the lawn.
  10. Properly control the frequency of use of the site so that there is sufficient time to level the site fill (using special equipment or rakes).
  11. Adhere to a monthly cleaning maintenance, timely clean up the site of garbage.
  12. Avoid site cleaning during high temperature periods as much as possible.
  13. Check frequently for looseness at the suture, damage, tear, burning and other phenomena at the bottom. If there are degumming, wear and tear problems, they should be timely maintenance treatment.
  14. As a result of rain erosion, cleaning, intense sports, etc., the site fill will be lost. It should be supplemented in time to ensure that the field is always in the best state of motion.