How can we improve the life of artificial lawns

With the development of economy, more and more places are using artificial grass, not only for sports venues, but also for sports fields, kindergartens, home decoration, site greening, hotels and so on. It also means that more and more people are beginning to accept artificial lawns in their lives. So the question is how to improve the life of the lawn is the user’s concern.

1.Quality of artificial lawn

Some customers think the cheaper the better, quality is secondary to them. This is wrong. First of all, the quality has a direct impact on the life of the artificial turf. If you compare the 18,000-pound diamond monofilament turf of a professional soccer field with the average 8,800-pound grass, it becomes obvious. The former has better wear resistance and tensile resistance, so it performs better in terms of service life and duration.

2.Professional installation

Many people install artificial grass too casually. It’s not right. Laying artificial lawns is like building a house. No matter how good the artificial grass is, it won’t help if you don’t have the most important foundation.

3.The foundation

If you want to increase the use time of the lawn, the construction foundation must use the hard foundation. Conventional foundation has cement foundation and asphalt foundation.

4.Professional installationpersonnel

A professional builder is also a decisive factor in a site.

5.Filling materials

The filling materials used in artificial turf are usually quartz sand and rubber particles. Quartz sand and particles must be paved; Raw materials must meet the national standards, generally using 40-60 mesh quartz sand, 16-20 purpose TPE environmental protection particles.

6.MaintenanceIf not maintained properly, the lifespan of artificial grass can be shortened

According toFIFA standards, maintenance is required for every 40 hours of use. If the average usage time is 4 hours per day, maintenance is required every 10 days. Maintenance should include brushing grass, filling rubber particles and quartz sand. There is also the lawn cleaning and degumming off the line repair.


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