When purchasing artificial grass, many of our family customers only pay attention to the appearance and touch. In fact, we have professional parameters, which make it convenient to compare the quality and cost performance of products.  

When choosing artificial grass products, clients are more strict for sports grass. Of course, home users don’t have to spend much effort studying the parameters due to different usage scenarios, but home users can refer to the following criteria.

CCGrass, artificial grass for home

Pile Height

In the European and American markets, the height of the football grass is usually 60mm, while the height in China is generally 40-55mm. With the same density, the higher the height, the higher the cost. However, for home users , there is no standard for pile height, you can choose the height you prefer. It is recommended to choose 20-30mm for home lawn.


It is usually divided into 6600DTEX, 8800DTEX, 9700DTEX, 12000DTEX, 15000DTEX, etc., indicating the gram weight of grass fibre per 10,000 meters. Football fields usually use products above 8800DTEX.


The density of 50mm grass is usually 10500 needles per square meter, but lawn density is related to weight and height, the higher the height, or the higher the pound, the lower density can be. In a word, ensure the weight of each square meter of grass silk at least 1 kg.

Backing glue/ latex

Generally, the glue is divided into recyclable glue-free PRT, PU and styrene-butadiene latex. The recyclable glue-free PRT has superior environmental performance, rapid water seepage performance, super extraction force and environmentally friendly recyclable performance.

Backing Cloth type

It is usually divided into the composite base cloth and composite mesh three-layer base cloth, the tensile strength of which is relatively higher.

Sewing shape

It is usually divided into 1 sewing shape and Z sewing shape. Both methods can meet the requirements, but the z-type method makes the distribution of the grass silk more uniform, and the adhesive force of the grass fibre will be higher.