CCGrass hockey fields prove a winner in the Netherlands110

MHC De Mezen, a Dutch hockey club, founded in 1963, is now the proud owner of new CCGrass FastPro HF 13 hockey fields. Tested to the KHNB norms, this is the latest hockey surface development from the world’s largest artificial grass manufacturer.

Like many Dutch clubs, the pitches host several club teams, including the Girls A1 side, which plays in the Second Division East. After a recent match the players’ commented: “We are very happy with our new CCGrass grass pitches. These fields are of high quality and are very good to play and train on.”

CCGrass hockey fields prove a winner in the Netherlands12

CCGrass Netherlands Sales Manager, Nimo Chen adds: “For a long time, there has been a strong and fruitful cooperation between CCGrass and the MHC de Mezen club, which has led to the installation of these fields. We are always ready to deliver more high-quality products and systems to other clubs in the Netherlands.”

The pitches feature CCGrass’s star product, FastPro HF 13 mm, which is certified by the FIH to global level, and played on for top national and international hockey matches. It features soft and durable yarn, tufted into a stable backing cloth, which gives a true, fast and consistent ball roll, with a wet or dry surface.

As an FIH Preferred Supplier, CCGrass ensures all its hockey systems meet the appropriate test criteria, including, but not limited to, ball roll, ball rebound and impact response. The CCGrass global product, FastPro HF13, is certified for top-level professional hockey games, such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

The MHC de Mezen club is situated in central Netherlands with convenient transportation, and both MHC de Mezen club and CCGrass welcome visitors to see these pitches and learn more about the CCGrass hockey range.