A FIH Preferred Supplier

As an FIH Preferred Supplier, CCGrass artificial hockey systems are tested to meet all the requirements of the FIH quality programme. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality hockey turfs and building hockey pitches that are suitable for global level, national level, community level and etc.

Types of Artificial Hockey Pitches

There are three main types of artificial hockey pitches:

• Water based hockey pitch– Optimal surface for International competitions
• Sand dressed hockey pitch – Intended for National & local competitions and training
• Sand filled hockey pitch – Used for Community and education sector competitions and training

We offer different types of hockey turf surfaces for international, club, university and school level pitches, as well as local community fields to suit our clients’ requirements.

Multiple Color Combinations are Available

Thanks to our own color batching process, our hockey turf is available in a variety of colors. You can color match your hockey pitches, such as the contrast color scheme of blue and green really stands out that is popular with many clubs.