4 Top reasons for installing artificial turf for kindergarten playgroundMany kindergartens choose natural lawn or safety mat as the surfaces of their playgrounds. Those two kinds of surfaces have some benefits and a lot of major drawbacks as well. With the development of technology and economy, more and more kindergartens and schools choose artificial turf as the surface. Since that artificial turf playground is an amazing kind of flooring for the kids to play on.


4 top reasons for choosing artificial turf for a kindergarten playground.

  1. The softer landing can ensure the kids’ safety.

The main concern for most kindergartens is safety. They definitely want to create a completely safe surface for the kids. Fortunately, artificial turf is providing a softer and safer landing where kids can play for hours without risks of skinned elbows, sore knees or even worse playground injuries.

The softer the artificial turf is, the safer the kids are. So the softer artificial turf can give the kids the ideal surface to let their hair down and have a great time without causing you any concerns about possible injuries.

  1. The artificial turf playground can keep the kids stay away from mud.

After a heavy rain, many types of surfaces will turn into a muddy mess easily. Artificial turf can solve this problem perfectly. On the other hand, artificial turf surface have water drainage system which can help the kids to stay clean all the time. The kids can go out to play even right after a heavy rainstorm, since the water will drain away quickly.

  1. The durability of the artificial turf surface.

Many artificial grass models for playground have 8 years or even longer warranty. And the kids can play on the artificial turf playground hour after hour and day after day without causing any damage to it. So if you have chosen a suitable artificial turf for your playground, then you can look forward to seeing it provide a great play environment for many years.

  1. Minimum cost, maximum value.

Artificial turf needs less maintenance, but it will last longer. So considering this, it costs less than other kinds of surface in the long run.


Above all, the artificial turf will be the best choice for the kindergarten playground. The kids will love playing on artificial turf playground. They will have fun and safety on there.