There are three main types of artificial grass fibers for football field: the monofilament, the fibrillated and the monofilament with a stem. Because these three types of fibers differ in performance, the range of use will vary.


  1. The monofilament grass fiber:
ccgrass artificial grass product monofilament grass fiber

The monofilament grass fiber is very fine and has a high density, and the overall simulation degree is relatively high. The structure is similar to the natural lawn. Its service life is longer, wear resistance is stronger than that of the fibrillated fibers, but the price is higher. The use of artificial turf in football fields is getting higher and higher, and the exercise effect is recognized.


  1. The fibrillated grass fiber:
ccgrass artificial grass product fibrillated grass fiber

The fibrillated grass fiber is similar to the plastic tying rope. The main shape of the cross section is the mesh. It is generally cheaper than the monofilament.


  1. The monofilament with a stem:
ccgrass artificial grass product monofilament with a stem

The manufacturing process of the monofilament grass yarn with a stem is more complicated that one more process is needed. The stem in the center of the monofilament grass fiber maintain the artificial grass surface with good elasticity and can also improve the wear resistance. However, due to the more complicated manufacturing process, the overall price is slightly higher.