Turning over the artificial grass, we can see the backing of the artificial grass directly, which is a part of the artificial grass. It is also an important factor in the price of the entire artificial grass, and it also affects the performance of the artificial grass.

artificial grass backing

The price difference between high-quality backing and ordinary one is more than 1200$ per ton. Artificial grass quality is affected by its fiber and backing. However, as the backing is of large area, long application time and high frequency, once the inferior backing is used, there will be various kinds of problems.

High-quality artificial grass backing is generally in line with the industry’s high standards which is durable, and can be applied to artificial grass installation under various conditions; and it is waterproof, and it can maintain good reliability in case of water, so that the base fabric will not easily fall off.

The disadvantage of the ordinary artificial grass is obvious, especially in rainy days. The backing of the grass is easy to fall off if soaked in the rain for a long time, and then the fiber will also fall off which greatly affects the service life of the artificial grass. Secondly, many people have misunderstandings about artificial grass. They generally think that the harder the backing is, the better grass is. But in fact the hard backing is more likely to fall or break during the application process.

That is to say, if the quality of the artificial grass backing is not guaranteed, then the environmental performance of the artificial grass can also not up to standard. The cost of high-quality artificial grass backing is unlikely to be too low, and its selling price will not be too low, so the price is not an important basis for our choice of products. Good quality, environmental friendly, and cost-effective are what we consider.

Currently, there are 3 kinds of backing:

  1. Latex, water dispersion of rubber particles;
  2. PU (Polyurethane);
  3. PRT, a new kind of hot-melt coating with adhesive fabrics, 100% recyclable, good water permeability and strong tuftlock.