With a “spine” running through the middle of each blade, CCGrass product Stemgrass is valued for its durability. After 6,020 cycles of Lisport XL rolling, it does not show any signs of diverging or splitting. The artificial grass surface is resilient enough to allow natural ball behavior, give uniform traction and reduce shock to the joints and ankles.

Product Specifications

Pile Height: 40-60mmFiber: 100% PE monofilament
Lisport XL: 6,020 cyclesColor: Emerald, Olive, Field Green, Lime

✔   FIFA Quality Pro playing performance

✔   Come into market over 7 years

✔   Excellent resilience and wear resistance


Estadio Chinquihue, Puerto Montt, Chile (FIFA Pro)

Stadion Sportowy W Lelowie, Poland (FIFA Pro)