The most fundamental facility of football must surely be its pitch. Yet, in extreme climatic areas, a football pitch can literally be beaten by the forces of nature.

When choosing natural grass, a devastating climate will make the football pitch hard to maintain, while cost and time will be enormous.

Hence, synthetic turf for football is increasingly popular around the world. In actual fact, artificial grass also has sport functions that are highly valued by players, while CCGrass’ FIFA approved products have brought great benefit to clients and end users alike.

In various championships and tournaments, CCGrass football turf is chosen on account of being a softer, safer surface that offers an excellent performance.

To protect players from injuries when running and falling, artificial turf is designed with the proper strength and flexibility, absorbing between 60 and 70 percent of the energy from impacts, a very tremendous step to ward protecting players.

Furthermore, its weather-resistant nature is a great feature to consider when choosing synthetic turf, while reduced maintenance cost and energy consumption are also vital for us when balancing cost and function.

To maintain natural grass in football areas can be a very time and cost consuming job, requiring excessive labour.

Today, this realisation has moved many pitch owners to choose synthetic turf, despite the higher price tag. Such football pitches boast longevity; they can be used for more than ten years.

CCGrass’ artificial grass is of high quality, is affordable, and also carries the badge of distinction of being FIFA approved products, meaning quality guaranteed that suits professional games.

FIFA approved products are weather resistant, long lasting and also environment friendly, with countless more features that make them stand out. For more information about FIFA approved artificial turf for football.