Max Function and Mini Cost

Often a synthetic turf field has to cope with more than one sport to keep up with multiple sports and intense use. CCGrass offers multi-sport fields for professional sports, play and recreation, as well as for outdoor and indoor use. Over the years, our multi-purpose turf systems have been used by a large number of universities, communities and amateur clubs, for they maximize function and minimize cost.

Designed for Your Needs

Our professional experience allows us to provide our customers with high-performing multi-sport pitches. Our Football and Hockey system meets both FIFA Quality Pro Standard and FIH National Standard, and our Football and Rugby system has passed both the FIFA Laboratory Test and the IRB Laboratory Test. You can see that we have the ability and qualification to ensure the excellent test results in one sport, while to ensure another sport can be catered for.

Versatile Turf Colors

Our multi-sport turf for recreational sports is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to distinguish the field markings for each sport. High wear, low maintenance, all-weather multi-sport fields are ideal for increased utilization, delivering significant benefits to our customers.