If you’re looking for a way to add some green and warmth to your home without the hassle or expense of caring for natural plants, artificial grass rugs are an attractive option.

Guide to Decorating Artificial Grass Rugs for Outdoors and Indoors

Artificial Turf VS Artificial Grass Rug

When many people think of artificial grass, the first thing that comes to mind is playing fields. In fact, because of the low maintenance costs and visual appeal, artificial turf is widely used in residential, commercial, urban landscapes, etc., and is an excellent substitute for real grass. Not only is the use of artificial turf growing, but it is also being used in all kinds of ways, often outdoors as well as indoors.

Artificial grass is a term that applies to many different products and applications. If you’re looking to buy a carpet that looks like grass, you might ask: what’s the fake grass carpet called? There is a more common name is artificial grass rug.

Fake grass rug is a product derived from artificial turf. There are plentiful types of artificial grass rugs and numerous lawn products to choose from. It can be said that each of our turf products is a lightweight rug. For some uses and needs, our synthetic turf rugs are made with bound pre-finished edges, which are tight and smooth to make them more durable.

Synthetic turf rugs can be DIY into different sizes and shapes, and if you’re a creative and handy person, the ways you can use artificial grass are endless.

Artificial Grass Rugs for Outdoor

CCGrass, artificial grass rugs for outdoor


A fake grass rug is a versatile choice for enhancing different surfaces in the garden, yard, or patio, whether it be the ground, wooden floor, tiles, or cement. The addition of a grass blanket can bring a creative and well-designed garden patio or outdoor space to life.

Artificial grass rugs come in a variety of styles, colors and DIY options, and you can use them to cover your furniture and spice up your outdoor seating. Grass carpets are also great for parties and gatherings because they are easy to clean and can withstand high traffic.

Play area

Artificial grass has high wear resistance and excellent resilience, so children can play on it freely and avoid bringing dirt and grass clippings into the home. Our synthetic grass is available in multiple colors and you can be creative in designing your children’s play area.

Putting green

You can enjoy manicured putting greens anytime you want to play golf. No need to drive to the range, no dress code, and no waiting, it will make your life easier and more enjoyable!

Our Golf Putting Mat is versatile for home practicing, backyard sporting, family entertainment, and office relaxing. We offer delicate patterns and shapes in various sizes, which can perfectly realize your customization requirement.


Picnic grass blankets are free of dust and leaves, making your picnic easier. And it’s easy to fold up and throw in the back of your car! CCGrass Picnic Grass looks and feels like real grass, with a carrying handle for easy portability as well as a special backing that prevents water penetration and slippage.

CCGrass, picnic grass


Artificial grass rugs are an excellent choice for poolside. Adds extra safety over the floor as it absorbs splashes and prevents slippery surfaces. It also feels much better underfoot than concrete, wood or industrial carpets. Plus, a lush green grass carpet adorning the area around your pool lends your space an aesthetic and inviting look.


Elegant and chic lawn weddings with beautiful wedding dresses and sunshine let the wedding out of the ordinary and more natural.

For more casual events held outdoors using a canopy tent, you may want to cover the floor with a rug that blends in with the grass and coordinates with your color scheme. In this case, an outdoor grass rug is a perfect choice!

Outdoor transition to room

In some domestic and commercial locations, artificial turf is an awesome addition to rooms that transition into an outdoor space, such as porches, conservatories, or garden rooms.

Artificial Grass Rugs for Indoor

CCGrass, artificial grass rugs for indoor

Balcony or deck

The balcony of a lot of families is used as living clutter areas, which is a big waste of space. Having a cozy balcony space can be a huge plus, especially during quarantine.

Covered with turf carpet, the balcony becomes more dynamic and attractive, perfect for relaxing and enjoying family time.

Office or workspace

Artificial grass rugs are a great way to liven up a dull, drab office environment. Lush grass rugs are a refreshing addition to tile floors or commercial carpets. Add a lawn lounge area where employees can relax for a while, and is also ideal for impromptu meetings and brainstorming. A natural, fresh working environment helps to lift the spirits of employees, allowing them to be inspired and relaxed.

Living space

Faux grass rugs add unexpected fun and sophistication to living spaces. A plush green rug can easily bring a cozy, natural feel to your living room, bedroom, study, children’s room, or any other living space. You’ll enjoy the soft, skin-friendly feel under your feet.

Imagine waking up in the morning with the sun shining through the window on the head of your bed, and your bare feet on a soft grass rug that will make your day. Synthetic grass carpets are also flawless for exercise and fitness areas.

Pet area

Synthetic turf is an interesting addition to the pet nest. Every pet loves nature! The soft surface also protects pets’ paws and is a small play area for pets indoors. Our PET Mat is specially made for pets that are small, light, and easy to carry in many styles. Give PET Mat to your lovely pet and enable them to enjoy the green at home anytime!

Exhibitions & showrooms

In the exhibition, artificial grass can be used to assist the display of various products, integrated into the design of the exhibition hall, which can help your platform stand out from the crowd.

Our Top Picks for Artificial Grass Rugs

CCGrass, innovative putting green mat
CCGrass, Golf Putting Mat

Golf Putting Mat—CCGrass innovative putting green mat

CCGrass Golf Putting Mat can be rolled out indoors or out, so you can enjoy a realistic golf course experience wherever you go. Simply move it to different locations and practice your putting skills at home, in the office, or on vacation.


  • Portable short-game solution
  • Long-lasting smoothness
  • Realistic golf course experience
  • Creative design
CCGrass, turf rugs for picnics and camping trips
CCGrass, Picnic Mat

Picnic Mat—Turf rug for picnic and camping trip

Picnic Mat serves as fantastic companions for picnics and camping trips, offering a practical and comfortable surface to relax and enjoy outdoor activities. Turf rugs provide an alternative to traditional blankets or mats; they are durable, moisture-resistant, and can be easily folded and stored in your car.


  • Natural look
  • Skin-friendly and portable
  • Waterproof and anti-slip
  • Stain and fade-resistant
CCGrass, artificial grass patio
CCGrass, Artificial grass DIY rolls, Flex Grass Rug

Flex Grass Rug—Artificial grass DIY rolls

DIY artificial grass rolls can be easily cut to fit any indoor or outdoor space, allowing you to get creative and design your own unique oasis. Whether for a small balcony, patio, or deck, or for DIY decorations at parties, weddings, and other events, the Flex Grass Rug can be tailored to your needs.


  • Dense and outstanding
  • Easy to install and roll up
  • Available in many sizes
  • Excellent durability and UV resistance
CCGrass, Pet Mat
CCGrass, paw-friendly artificial turf mat

Pet Mat—Paw-friendly artificial turf mat

Pets deserve a dedicated space, even if it’s limited. Opt for paw-friendly artificial grass mats that offer a soft and comfortable area for your furry friend. These mats are gentle on their paws, enabling them to lounge, play, and explore. Thanks to their durability, they can withstand your pet’s playful antics without any issues.


  • Real grass-look and touch
  • Safe and antibacterial
  • Easily and quickly rinse to clean
  • Different styles for choice
CCGrass, Door Mat
CCGrass, anti-slippery fake grass mat

Door Mat—Anti-slippery fake grass mat

Fake grass door mats offer a blend of aesthetics and practicality. The dense, textured surface efficiently removes dirt from shoes, promoting indoor cleanliness. With its non-slip backing, the Door Mat ensures stability and safety in wet conditions.


  • Hard-wearing
  • Anti-slippery for safe use
  • Easily and quickly rinse to clean
  • Stain and fade-resistant

FAQS about Fake Grass Rugs

How to install fake grass rugs?

Installing an artificial grass rug varies based on the type you have. For instance, rugs like our Picnic Mat require no installation; simply unfold, lay down, or fold up and leave. On the other hand, some rugs need to be placed on a flat surface, cut to fit the desired area, and then installed using lawn staples or grass tape.

Reminder: Grass may flatten during transportation; this is normal. It will regain its intended look after exposure to sunlight.

How to cut artificial grass carpets?

You may want to trim the rug, particularly if the designated area has irregular edges. To do so, flip it over and use a sharp box cutter to cut through the backing. Cut pieces slightly larger than needed to allow for a margin of error.

How to clean an artificial grass rug?

Fake grass doesn’t absorb dirt, making it easy to clean. Shake the rug to dislodge loose dirt and debris, and brush regularly to keep the blades standing up straight.

Rinse it with a hose or under running water, then place it in the sun to dry—repeat as needed to maintain its original look. For tougher stains, spot cleaning with a mild detergent and water solution is effective.

How long does an artificial turf mat last?

The lifespan of an artificial grass mat depends on the quality of the material and maintenance. With proper care, it can last 8-10 years or more.


Whether indoors or outdoors, a fake grass rug can effortlessly bring a touch of nature and add vibrant greenery to your space. What’s even more surprising is that grass carpets are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, heights, and densities.

For wholesalers, retailers, and chain stores, opting for our diverse range of artificial grass rugs can broaden your sales categories and enrich your product lines. If you would like more product information or free samples, please call us at 86 25 6981 1666 or email us at [email protected].