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CCGrass Introduction

CCGrass is a professional artificial grass manufacturer, designer and innovator with worldwide installations in more than 72 countries. CCGrass owns the biggest artificial grass factory in the world and over the past decade, the total sales volume has reached 40,000,000 sqm, ranking No.1 in global market.

In sports fields sector, CCGrass has achieved great success providing top level surfaces with premium ball performance and best playing experience. CCGrass is one of the “FIFA Quality Concept for football turf” licensees, which is the highest standard of football field in the world, and have got around 30 FIFA certified fields located worldwidely.

With strong R&D ability, CCGrass has become one of the first designers and manufacturers for artificial grass landscape. Not only studies on technologies that make the landscape grass look and feel like natural grass, CCGrass also focuses on durability and safety that really matter and users care about most.

CCGrass and FIFA

CCGrass and FIFA

FIFA Quality Concept is the highest standard in artificial grass industry. CCGrass is one of the FIFA licensees with worldwide installations. CCGrass products have been thoroughly tested in ball roll, ball rebound, shock absorption, and other player-surface interaction to ensure consistent durability for the sports fields.

CCGrass Qualifications

CCGrass ISO9001CCGrass ISO14001

ISO 9001/14001

CCGrass FIFA 1 starCCGrass FIFA 2 star

FIFA 1 star/2 star

Health Protector Cert                    UV Defender Cert

Artificial Grass Landscape Quality Concept

BSCI Score 2

Highest factory audit: BSCI Score "2"

CE Certificate

CE Certificate