The Advantage of Synthetic Playground Grass

With the development of the synthetic grass industry, there are more and more playgrounds investing the synthetic grass. As we all know, the synthetic playground grass is a durable, beautiful forever lawn which is not only cost efficient, but secure to play and fall on. Today, let’s dig more advantages and the deep reasons.

Beautiful appearance – Synthetic playground grass provides a beautiful solution for playground surfaces. It always looks like natural grass all the year around, and eliminates the need for products like wood chips or rubber mulch.

Security – Synthetic playground grass is a groundbreaking artificial turf which was designed to resist the extreme traffic an ordinary playground frequently encounters. Children can play in schoolyards, parks, playgrounds, and backyards with synthetic grass using a much lower risk of bruises, concussions, or bone fractures. In addition, with new antistatic technology, synthetic grass is addressing their playground industry’s issue of static build-up on playground surfaces. Therefore, play area with synthetic playground grass offers peace of mind for parents, guardians, etc.

Durability – Synthetic playground grass has devised a distinctive blade arrangement with a yarn which resists wear around 4 times over other playground turf solutions. As well as, it includes a revolutionary new seaming system which ensures that the stitches will hold up even in their busiest of playgrounds. Additionally the synthetic grass playground help you avoid the hassles of rubber surfaces which may absorb too much heat in summertime and become hard and brittle in winter season. Our playground turf always looks good and retains the same integrity and degree of protection in all conditions.

Low maintenance – Our synthetic grass for playgrounds without the requirement for water or maintenance.