If you watch video clips of sports games from decades ago, you may anticipate that synthetic grass is absolutely dangerous. After all, the old generation fake grass was fabricated of a harder surface that wasn’t friendly to muscles, ligaments, and joints.

However, things have changed a lot. Synthetic grass manufacturers are advancing materials and process that don’t just acceptable – but also comfortable on your body, too.

Here’s why fake lawn is safer now:

1.It comes with infill
Infill is an adorned name for tiny pieces of elastic to act as soil. In fact, if you see humans run about on synthetic grass and you see little pieces of “dirt” fly up, you’re in actuality seeing infill.

How does it help?
Infill provides cushioning for artificial lawn. That way, every time you yield a step, you’re not falling down on a hard surface. Instead, the infill will be there for added support.

When you use infill in your synthetic grass, it makes it easier for you to playon it – whether you’re a football amateur or a little kid who likes to run and jump all over the place, you will not anguish about bruises in your joints if you fall on your artificial lawn.

2. It is absolutely flat
You may think that natural grass is flat, but if you observe closely, you’ll see that it is not the case. Because it’s fabricated by Mother Nature, instead of factory, natural grass has all kinds of baby peaks and valleys in it. They may not be apparent at a glance, but they can be just bumpy.

3.It stays cool
Today’s healthy fake lawn is specially-crafted to endure heat– even if it’s sitting out in the baking sun. That way, you don’t need to worry about bad smell of plastic in the yard. It’s just another problem artificial grass manufacturers have solved for you!