Another hot week saw the latest CCGrass field nearing completion.

In the past few weeks, a new engineering base for the Snaith School, UK has closed to completion. The selected surface, CCGrass Superb 52 has been installed to meet FIFA Quality standards, although the extra durability and performance from the Superb fibre, will also allow the pitch to meet FIFA Quality Pro levels.

On visiting the pitch, CCGrass UK CEO, Bryn Lee commented,“The quality of the pitch is perfect for our high-quality Superb turf. The turf fitters are closing in on completing a top-class installation.”

CCGrass, football feild, the Snaith School, UK
CCGrass, football feild, the Snaith School, UK

The Superb 52 turf uses a high purity polyethylene yarn which has exceptional resilience to both wear and crushing. This enables the field to perform to FIFA standards for the maximum period of time and also creates a field that will last in excess of 10 years.

The yarn is resistant to crushing allowing the high use areas of the field to perform in a similar manner to the perimeters of the field and so the performance over the surface will be both predictable and consistent. The use of this yarn minimises the amount of restorative maintenance required to the field and will therefore reduce the operating costs for the facility.