Today’s international synthetic turf trend is increasingly obvious; almost every large sports field, for hockey, tennis and football etc., is equipped with such artificial grass.

Away from the outdoors, artificial turf is increasing to be found in a variety of indoor areas. From a point of view of function, it is a carpet; a synthetic kind of carpet with that, perhaps surprisingly, can bring us enjoyment. In addition, its function and versatility is improved by improvements made for its use outdoors in sporting applications. Skid resistance and great landscaping are mutually compatible.

Use, for example, a piece of the artificial grass to function as a door mat; it can prevent you from slipping when it rains, snows, or especially when it is frozen. For most people, it will be a cheerful thing to add a realistic-looking touch of grass turf to their home, backyard and outdoor living space.

The advantages of artificial turf for indoor use do not stop there.

  • It has a great appearance; appealing green design has the function of livening up interior rooms, indoor patio or backyard relaxation areas
  • Compared to traditional carpet, artificial turf is strong enough to resist foot traffic, water, the elements and everyday use
  • It resists fading; longevity is one of the key advantages of artificial grass
  • Not only a good choice for a recreation room, artificial turf also makes for an interesting focal point in a child’s room
  • Artificial turf is available in multiple sizes, patterns, and materials

With little reason to decline such a product, artificial grass as a carpet has been steadily welcomed by the market. If you are one of the many with the requirement but little idea where to begin, CCGrass is here to help. See for more useful knowledge and information. If you have any other questions, contact us any time.