Resources We save

Resources are precious. Water is the source of life. In the rare 2.5% of the earth’s fresh water resources, human beings can really use about 0.26% of the earth’s total water. CCGrass takes practical actions to reduce resource consumption, produces Eco Friendly artificial grass and makes contributions to the recycling of resources.

Environmental benefits of artificial grass

Artificial grass helps to preserve natural resources such as water by using far less than natural grass. Artificial grass stays green and healthy without the need for chemical products which can negatively impact the surrounding nature. Artificial grass relies less on interventions, with lower maintenance needed than natural grass, meaning the cost and effort to maintain is less.

No Chemicals



Low Maintenance



Save > 20,000,000 m³ water a year


> 20,000,000 m³

water a year

A total volume of over 300 million square metres of CCGrass products have been installed to date. This translates to a huge saving on the water when compared with the amount used for the equivalent area of traditional natural grass. As more CCGrass products are installed, the amount of water saved increases.

Longer product longevity

CCGrass products are long lasting, meaning fewer replacements which not only reduces overall costs but also saves resources. CCGrass artificial grass uses anti-UV technology to prolong its lifespan.

The average distribution of UVA and UVB across the Earth varies, so CCGrass carries out UVB testing to simulate outdoor use, in addition to the usual UVA testing methods, to ensure longevity in the product. In lower radiation areas, CCGrass products can last 8-12 years and in equatorial areas, sunny latitudes or areas with thin air, the lifespan of the turf is 6-10 years.

UVA testing,Eco Friendly Artificial Grass

Recyclable packaging solution

CCGrass packaging is produced using recycled materials. Paper tubes that are used to roll the artificial grass are made from recycled paper waste and the waterproof, moisture-proof lightweight plastic plugs are made from reprocessed discarded yarn.