Tennis artificial grass from CCGrass is a superb performance solution for most clients. If you are a tennis lover, you shall know how important the carpet surface is to a high quality tennis court.

To meet high customer requirements, CCGrass has rolled out great tennis court artificial grass with ITF certificate.

According to ITF Court Pace Rating, there are five categories for tennis court: slow, medium-slow, medium, medium-fast and fast. CCGrass medium-slow tennis turf has been certified by International Tennis Federation. The system features wonderful performance, safer surface and soft feeling. No matter the tennis is built outdoor or indoor, the tennis turf can be considered a great choice.

CCGrass can tailor-make color for its tennis system according to customer need. That means you can build the tennis court with your favorite color combination. What’s more, CCGrass tennis artificial grass has a long life span, which up to ten years without any excess maintenance. It requires less in the aspect of basic surface base and is not afraid of cracking and strong sunlight, making CCGrass tennis solution a simple and economic one.

Tennis, as one of the most popular sports, has countless fans in communities around the world. If you need a beautiful and lasting tennis court with wonderful sports performance, artificial grass is a solution worth your attention.