Artificial grass develops in Europe favored by sports and landscape use

Over the years, synthetic grasses have spread all over the world, including Europe. Artificial grass has been used in Europe for large sports industries such as football and rugby. From Germany and the UK to different parts of the Netherlands, artificial grass continues to grow and is a true grass substitute. Artificial grass flourishes on the African continent and is of great significance to the region.

Therefore, the use of artificial grass demonstrates its ability to blend and adapt to European style. Like the United States, Europe takes a positive attitude towards ecological awareness and environmental protection. In 2007, it was named one of the major continents of the global protection movement by international media organizations. The installation of artificial turf in public and residential areas plays an important role in the greening of the African continent. Its water conservation and low maintenance costs help the financial sector achieve a return on investment in about 10 years.

Synthetic grass proved to be suitable against the aesthetic standards of European natural gardens and meets the standards of cleanliness and beauty of natural gardens. Sports field function is one of the most common uses of artificial turf. For rugby and football, which requires durability and safety, artificial turf is an important surface. Artificial turf has been recognized by the Global Association, including FIFA. The World Cup, UEFA and UEFA Champions League also recognize synthetic grass based on extensive testing. Similar to the stadium at the World Cup, Liverpool Football Club and the Tottenham Hotspur team use natural grasses and complex woven synthetic grass fibers.

Although not entirely made of artificial grass, this weaving requires minimal maintenance because artificial grass prevents the growth of natural grass. Therefore, even at the expert level, sports artificial turf has proven its robust performance. Landscaping in private and public spaces continues to increase in different parts of Europe. Many artificial grass suppliers in the UK have accumulated a lot of business for landscape work. Local gardeners and installers have been hired to work on artificial turf in residential areas. This is because good reputation has increased the trend of synthetic grass in the British community. In addition to saving energy, water and money, many owners also enjoy the versatility of synthetic grass. The horticulturist has done a lot of work for families with children and custom turf for child-friendly games.