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Superb yarn is a 17,000 dtex (very heavy) diamond shape, which helps make it particularly durable. The smooth shape means it is soft to touch and the fact it uses a C8 polymer, which is a purer polymer, makes it exceptionally resilient.

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Superb 45 synthetic turf is a real heavy weight (1600g per sqm), premier football surface, offering superior play characteristics when installed onto a performance shock pad, to provide the ultimate football performance. The resilience of the Superb fibre allows it to “stand up”, to give a controlled ball roll, as close to a high-quality natural turf pitch as possible. The surface allows players to twist, turn and stop naturally, taking football on artificial grass to a new level.
A Superb synthetic turf pitch is infilled with a base layer of sand and a performance layer of SBR, or natural infills. On completion the pitch is tested to FIFA Quality and Quality Pro standards.

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CCGrass is a FIFA Preferred Producer with several Superb systems tested to FIFA Quality and Quality Pro standards.

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