The Road to Becoming a FIFA Preferred
Producer is Tough.

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Why you should choose a FIFA Preferred Producer

When you purchase a pitch from a FIFA Preferred Producer for football turf sports grass, high quality and an excellent performance is guaranteed whilst your interest is always protected and prioritised:

  • Artificial turf is manufactured and tested according to FIFA Quality standards.
  • Production facilities are inspected by independent FIFA approved inspectors.
  • An installed pitch is eligible for FIFA Quality or FIFA Quality Pro certification.
CCGrass FIFA quality artificial grass product
  • Professional support is offered for installation and maintenance.
  • FIFA functions as a partner in case of any inquiries and can be contacted regarding any problems.
  • More opportunities are offered for higher level and larger scale projects.

As a FIFA Preferred Producer,
what else can CCGrass offer you?

CCGrass offers the following additional benefits to provide added value for our pitch owners.

  • Professional advisory service from product selection to final installation.
  • Free field design advice to facilitate your installation process.
  • Global FIFA certified field references to help you choose your system.
  • Arrange FIFA field tests for you.
  • Free maintenance manual and professional guidance.