In February 2022, FIFA Test Manual II – Test Requirements 2015v.3.4 was officially released. This version is based on the FIFA test manual 2015, with changes to the laboratory testing and field testing.

For the laboratory test, the main change is the addition of multiple new tests on shock pads, which may be due to the increased use of shock pads in FIFA systems around the world, requiring stricter quality control in this area.

Infield testing, a new recommended requirement for the chemical composition of performance infill has been added.

Now let’s look at the details.

Laboratory testing:

1. Tuft withdrawal force test of line: The requirements for field products remain unchanged, the tuft withdrawal before and after aging needs to be tested. However, for the line products, only the un-aged test results should be tested.

2. As the use of shock pads is becoming more common, the new FIFA test manual has added more test requirements for shock pads. The specific test items and requirements are shown in the table below.

Component  Property
Shock pad  Shock absorption  Resistance to permanent deformation after static loading
 Vertical deformation  Thermal conductivity
 Vertical water infiltration  Thickness
 Horizontal water flow capacity  Mass per unit area
 Tensile properties  Rubber content
 Dimensional stability  Chemical composition
 Resistance to dynamic fatigue  Binder component/content
 Resistance to permanent deformation after short-term loading  Volume weight


Field testing:

In the field test, two new tests have been added for performance infill:

  • AfPS 2019:01 PAK or ASTM F3496, 8 kinds of PAH testing
  • EN71-3, Heavy Metal Test

It is currently only a recommended test, not a mandatory requirement.

From the update of the FIFA test manual, we can see where new concerns lie, with shock pads and performance infill quality, which both play a hugely important role in the surface performance.

According to the FIFA innovation Road Map, it is expected that the test manual will be updated again at the end of this year and we will continue to share any new changes.